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What is it ?
FxBook is changing the way Forex Traders are collaborating, by enabling exchange, transparency and learning between traders.

With FxBook, you can:
  • SEE the trades of the other traders
  • ANALYZE your own performance
  • COPY trades from more performing team-mates directly to your MT4 account
  • DISCUSS and IMPROVE your trading strategies with the help of the community.
As a team, we can take better decisions.

Note: FxBook is NOT an introducing broker, and is 100% independent from any Forex broker.

How does it work ?
You need to install a small piece of software (36Kb) on your MT4 platform, so the process is all automatic and does not disturb you in your trading activity.

This software connects your MT4 platform with FxBook:
  • Aggregated statistics of ALL traders are shown to ALL members
  • The details of your trades (Pair,OP,SL,TP) is shown only to your team-mates (and vice-versa), whom you have selected and who agreed with your invitation.
For transparency purposes, the source code of this software is provided as well ('OpenSource').

Will it work with my broker ?
You need to use a broker providing the MT4 platform.

Will it cost me money ?
FxBook is free, and will remain free.

We may put some advertisement times to times to cover our own costs. But FxBook is free.

The source code is under GPL license.

How can I register ?
Very easily, by clicking here